Small change, big reactions!

Here’s a Mysterious Prediction that you Can Perform with Little More than a Handful of Change, Pen & Paper and an Envelope!

What seems like a simple game turns out to be an unlikely demonstration of high improbability.

A vintage game is demonstrated by the performer. He appears to be doing badly according to the rules, then decides to change course.

He concludes the demonstration in a most unlikely way, by opening an envelope (that has been in plain view all along) containing precisely what is needed for him to win the game.

Remarkable, since the winning amount could have changed at any moment by random choice.

  • PAID IN FULL is delivered as an eBook in the Adobe PDF format.
  • Download link made available upon purchase and posted by mail.
  • Accessory items delivered by postal mail.
  • Accessories: (2) FOUR for 40c game cards, (5) coin envelopes.

Effect Description:

This routine is played off as the demonstration of a game that people used to play years ago (when 40c had at least some value!). The game is called FOUR for 40c. The idea is that one person holds a four digit number and the other player attempts to buy each of the digits for less than 40c total.

Each unknown possible single digit has a penny value and since there are ten possibilities per digit (0-9), 10c buys out any digit.

A chance bid can buy a digit out for cost (example: buyer asks “do you have a 4?” If yes, he gets the 4 at cost – 4c. If not he must pay a fine of 20c).

A chance bid is the typical way to get ahead, but it’s obviously risky! In that regard it’s also a surefire way to lose OFTEN.

The maestro offers to play the game using a handful of random change. However he also leaves a small coin envelope on the table, for possible “emergency” use later.

He offers 10c and buys the first digit… then again the second before again paying full price for the third digit. 30c down he pauses and reconsiders his options. He withdraws the 3 dimes in front of him. Instead he directs attention to the small package that has been in plain view all along.

He tears the envelope open and pours the contents into the number holder’s hand. “Count that” he proclaims. I believe you will find it’s the exact change to pay you off.

The Coins are counted and in this example total 38c, perfect because the final secret digit is revealed… to be “8”!

An most unlikely turn of events, since the number holder can decide which individual digit to sell as he proceeds, with the final number being unknown even to him, until he gets there.

An unknown number foretold, a mystery to resonate across the ages!

…or at least past next Wednesday!

  • No carbons or transfers
  • No forces
  • No secret writing
  • No accomplices
  • No switches
  • No peeking
  • No guess work

Perform for one or entertain a large group!


The 40c Game Mystery


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